After 10 years experience in telecommunication market, Conacom GmbH developed CONVCC to collect all value-added services on a single platform. CONVCC is not just an ACD or Virtual Callcenter solution but also it is next generation solution for enriched communications.
A next generation platform to meet customer and contact centers
CONVCC platform enables advantages of new technologies like smart phones, Tablet PCs and mobile Internet to enhance communication between customers and contact centers.
CONVCC customer client solutions offer new smart ways to contact to many customer services with voice call, video call, instant messaging or emails without loosing time to search contact information of company. History of all kind of communication to all customer services is accessible with a few click without dealing with trouble ticket numbers.
CONVCC platform is also an all-in-one solution for companies for customer contact facilities.



Our customers can

  • enable different type of phone numbers like geographical, shared cost, tollfree and premium numbers from different countries all over the world
  • route calls to many contact centers in different locations via PSTN or VOIP
  • manage distribution of calls to contact centers with time-based, load balancing based and CLID based rules
  • operate call center using virtual call center functionalities without making any hardware or software investment
  • use next-generation contact center functionalities to access customers via smart phones, Tablet PCs and social networks